Thanksgiving for EMH Facilities


In June 2019, EAST leadership found a five-storey building at 118 Joo Chiat Road that seemed tailormade for EAST. It could house our offices, library and classrooms under one roof and purchased this building together with CRU Singapore’s partnership and help. The building, now affectionately called our EAST Mission Hub cost $17.8m. EAST has to raise $8m for the use of the third, fourth and fifth storey of the building. By God’s grace, $6m has been raised to date with a current shortfall of about $2m. From being founded in a meeting room at CRU’s Great Commission Training Center, then moving to Parish of Christ Church’s rented facilities at 1 Dorset Road, EAST has not had a permanent home since 1992. 

EAST is thankful we now have a place we can call home, as Dr Raymond Go aptly expressed. It is a strategic location for a “cross-cultural” experience as different cultures can be seen as soon as you step out of the doors of the school. Dr Go asserts that Joo Chiat is the perfect location for a mission-oriented seminary as it is not “hidden away” in a remote location but it is right in the middle of a mission field. 

When staff and faculty were interviewed regards to what they were thankful about the EAST Mission Hub facilities, both Mrs Sophie Lo and Rev Victor Kwok unanimously mentioned the newly renovated offices with dedicated, a work area that comes equipped with new furniture, pantry, purpose-built classrooms of different sizes, zoom rooms, a very nice library and many affordable food choices nearby.

Mrs Agnes Too, both faculty spouse and student, mentioned a fascinating blend of cultures in Joo Chiat, mainly known for its Peranakan and Malay heritage. Her favourite space @118 is the lounge and pantry areas due to the spontaneous conversations these places encourage. It is akin to the central marketplace where students, faculty and staff pass one another on the way to somewhere. It is an inviting and welcoming place. 

Rev Jacob Li feels similarly about the lounge, saying “This is where we get to share not just ‘head to head’, which we often do in the classroom, but ‘heart to heart’. From the heart-felt sharing of each student, I learn something beautiful about God!” he exclaims. 

Mr Tan Eng Kwang, who is our Admission Officer, but often doubles up as worship leader during Chapel sessions shares that his favourite spot is the EAST Recording Studio. To him, the studio is a place with many memorable moments of working together with the musician community at EAST. It is a place of intense coordination when it is time for worship bands to lead the EAST Community in live Zoom worship. “When the session works out well, together we experience a good measure of satisfaction and thankfulness for the opportunity to serve together in this ministry unto the Lord. This is something we musicians will remember about the Studio.” Eng Kwang quietly confides.

Everyone has their own favourite nooks and crannies in our newly renovated EAST Mission Hub. At the end of the day, we truly want to give God praise and glory for gifting us such a beautiful home to call our own. Meanwhile, if you feel led to partner us in our vision and mission, in developing Christlike leaders for the Great Commission and transforming Asia and beyond, you may consider giving financially for the shortfall of the EAST Mission Hub Building Funds by following the link here

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