The World Will See Your Glory!

A beautiful worship song composed and sung by Filipinos that speaks of the day when every tribe will see God’s glory and every nation will bow before Him. It is a victory song that proclaims “Holy is the Lord Almighty” and “Only You are worthy.”

In times of disease and death, God is still sovereign and ultimately the world will see His glory!

To watch the music video, click the picture above or view it below:


The above is the official music video of “Tribes” with the lyrics below.

Every tribe will see Your glory
Every nation bow before You
All our treasure turned to ashes
In the light of You

As we’re singing
Holy is the Lord Almighty
Only You are worthy
Worthy of it all

Praise and glory
Honor and strength
Unto our God
Unto our God

Matchless, endless
Love unrestrained
This is our God
Every tribe sing


There is no one like our God
There is no one like our God

BRIDGE: Filipino
Wala kang katulad O Dios
Wala kang katulad O Dios

BRIDGE: Spanish
No hay nadie como nuestro Dios
No hay nadie como nuestro Dios

“Tribes” by Victory Worship. Words and Music by Bryson Breakey, Sarah Bulahan, Elizabeth Cabiling, and Jose Villanueva III.

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