Singing Virtually from Home to “Home”


Can you spot an EAST staff singing amidst the 900-strong choir members of the Singapore Virtual Choir Project? Watch the video to find out! (Hint: try from 1:30 onward).

The inaugural virtual choir sang Dick Lee’s “Home,” an all-time favourite often sung on National Day. The choir consisted of people residing in Singapore together with overseas Singaporeans living in 26 countries. Each sang from their home for our home during the COVID-19 circuit breaker month.

“Home” is written by Dick Lee with the choral arrangement by Darius Lim and presented by Voices of Singapore.

Photo: Screenshot of Singapore Virtual Choir Project

The EAST staff who was part of the Singapore Virtual Choir Project is Ms Wong Ee Yuing (circled in green above) who serves the Academics and Advancement departments.

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