Give now by PayNow

You can now give to or pay EAST through PayNow!

From your banking app (for Singapore banks only), scan the QR code or enter UEN No. 197200238NEAS.

Under the Bill Reference No., state purpose for the gift (e.g. Building, Student Aid, Library, Most Needed) or payment (e.g. Registration Fee, Application Fee, Tuition Fee, etc.).

When transaction is completed, note down the Bank Transaction ID.

Fill in the Fund Transfer Form for our records. Thank you!

Fund transfer form

For information on EAST needs and other giving/payment methods, visit
For more information on PayNow, visit the DBS PayNow FAQ page.

Freely Received, Freely Give

As an EAST visiting student who is enjoying one or more of Free8Online class/es, please do consider giving toward the Student Aid fund for needy international students–some of whom are your classmates!

Your gift will open doors for more international Christian leaders to study at EAST. Upon graduation, they will return to their mission field better equipped to fulfill Christ’s Commission.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration.

For more information on giving toward Student Aid, visit:

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