Am I a Racist?

Recent conversations with youths locally have shown heightened interest in race related issues. Local political discussions and decisions (even election) often have to face such issues too. Dr Lewis Winkler, an EAST resident faculty who teaches theological studies, shares his thoughts as our resident Theologian.

Growing up in the USA in the 1960’s, because of men like Martin Luther King, Jr., there was a lot of talk about racial equality and the Civil Rights Movement.  I’m deeply grateful that my parents and the church we attended repeatedly and insistently taught that all people are made in God’s image and are of infinite value and fully (not separately) equal.  More than fifty years later, it’s easy to forget that those were also times of deep anger, unrest, and social upheaval.  Looking back now, it feels like in some ways like we have made real progress while in others, we have only come full circle.

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