Lewis Winkler: What is the Significance of Lent?

Blessed Ash Wednesday 2022

In the Christian calendar, Lent is “a period of self-examination, fasting, and penance leading up to our Easter Day celebration” (Daily Devotions for Lent 2022, 1) where we celebrate Christ’s resurrection. Some of us grow up in churches where Lent is observed but many of us are either unaware or think that it is not necessary to practise these church traditions in this modern age.

EAST Resident Faculty on Theological Studies, Rev Dr Lewis Winkler, shares on his take on Lent below.

I grew up in what many call a “low” church tradition.  Besides events surrounding Christmas and Easter we did not follow the rhythms of the annual liturgical calendar.  I thought that sacred seasons like Lent were only practiced by more “stuffy,” “rigid,” and “ritualistic” denominations.  For most of the classmates who attended these churches, Lent was a time to complain about all the things they wanted but couldn’t have because they had to “give it up for Lent.”  Consequently, the practice held little attraction for me.  I enjoyed the freedom of eating, drinking, and doing whatever I wanted whenever I wanted.

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The season of Lent is upon us


The season of Lent is upon us, starting from 17 February 2021, which is Ash Wednesday. Lent is a 40-day period where believers take time to reflect upon Christ’s journey to the cross, death, burial and resurrection leading to Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  This weekend, as preparation toward the start of Lent, here is an article published for last year’s Ash Wednesday but still remains relevant today.

Cru Singapore has produced a 2021 Lent devotional entitled, “Ashes to Resurrection,” which you can subscribed to here. They have also produced a series of downloadable wallpapers for smartphones with the Lenten theme here.