Seminar on Creation: 6 Days or 6 Ages?

Presenting and critiquing the views on Young Earth and Old Earth.
How does one’s view of creation affect the faith formation of Christians?

Theologians and scientists will present biblical-theological and scientific arguments for both views. Respondents to each view will also present their critique of the presentations. There will be a question-and-answer period for the audience to participate in this dialogue about creation.

Date & Time: 13 April 2024, Saturday, 10.00 AM – 12.15 PM
Venue: East Asia School of Theology, 118 Joo Chiat Road, #03-01, Singapore 427407
This is a free onsite seminar, freewill offering is welcomed.

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  1. Introduction
  2. Young-Earth View Presentation #1 by Terry Mortenson
  3. Young-Earth View Presentation #2 by Don Batten
  4. Response by Matthew Winslow
  5. Break
  6. Old-Earth View Presentation #1 by Andrew Loke
  7. Old-Earth View Presentation #2 by Stephen Chua
  8. Response by Mona Bias
  9. Break
  10. Q&A
  11. Epilogue

Presenters and Respondents

Terry Mortenson, MDiv, PhD in History of Geology. Author, speaker, and researcher with Answers in Genesis.


Don Batten, PhD in Plant Science. Creationist Agricultural Scientist and Senior Scientist with Creation Ministries International Australia.


Matthew Winslow, PhD Candidate in Historical Theology. Resident Faculty of Theological Studies with East Asia School of Theology, Singapore.


Andrew Loke, PhD in Theology. Fellow of the International Society for Science and Religion and Associate Professor, Department of Religion and Philosophy, Hong Kong Baptist University.

Stephen Chua, PhD in Geology. Research Assistant Professor at the Earth Observatory of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, and a Scholar Community Member with Reasons to Believe.

Mona Bias, PhD in Old Testament. Resident Faculty of Biblical Studies with East Asia School of Theology, Singapore.



Registration has closed.


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