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At EAST, students have the opportunities to go overseas for short term mission trips either as part of their Field Internships, Cross-Cultural Team Internships or even Mentoring Group Ministry Weekends. In all of these experiences, students come away with life-changing experiences and often in a team environment, they form lifelong friendships through the bonds fostered over the period of 3-4 weeks of living together and ministering daily together.

In the most recent Cross-Cultural Team Internship experience led by Taivan Tuya ( MA Leadership) from Mongolia in June, the team consisted of Mikeel Arana (MDiv Christian Ministry, Philippines), Jane Ding (MDiv Teaching & Exposition, East Asia), Worchuirin Horam (MA Leadership, India) and Chakriya Sok (MA Christian Ministry) as they spent 19 days together in three different parts of Vietnam – a city area, by the mountainside and by the seaside reaching out to the people there and sharing the good news whenever the opportunities arise.

Mikeel felt so enriched by the experience in Vietnam that he made a second trip back there with his brother Mitzel and they even ministered in songs using their mother tongue, “Hiligaynon” language. Mikeel is still in touch with a weekly prayer group via the internet and is able to share the word with them and keep the bonds of fellowship built through the two previous visits.

Trips like these are part of what Cru will be launching as the #GO movement where there will be unparalleled opportunities for personal growth and for your faith to flourish as you step out of your comfort zone, navigate new environments, and embrace the unexpected. The goal is to send 200 teams to impact 20 nations in 25 months beginning in December 2023. The duration of trips will run from 7 to 90 days.

EAST will be collaborating with Cru in terms of sending teams to various geographical regions in the world to support the local outreach efforts of the communities. However, if you are interested to find out how you can either join such a team directly, or be equipped at EAST before you head out, visit cru.sg/go, contact gomissions@cru.org.sg. or check out our EAST classes at: east.ac/123launch

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