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How does one succinctly convey theological truths applicable to believers from different walks of life?

One method EAST has chosen to use is through the production and dissemination of podcasts.* The discussion format, length, and accessibility of each episode of podcast makes it easily available and digestible by followers of Christ.

Each series of EAST podcast seeks to address scriptural and theological understanding of a subject matter relevant to contemporary cultures or contexts. We bring in panel members who are knowledgeable in their fields of endeavour together with other lay leaders. Both are committed to appropriate application of theological truths. At other times, it may be a lively discussion between seasoned theologians but always with the understanding that it would be accessible and applicable to believers.

EAST firmly believes in the use of biblical knowledge not just for information but for transformation. This means biblical principles and contextualised practice must go together. EAST values holistic transformation of the learners in the head, heart, and hands, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The initial series of podcasts (initiated by our faculty, Rev Jacob Li) is named “Tabao Theology,” which sees “takeaways” by the end of each episode. Tabao is Mandarin Chinese for “takeaway.” With topics like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter and the Resurrection, and Suffering, the series attempted to address common seasons of life faced by believers. What does the Bible and theology have to say about each topic? How can we make sense of it and more importantly, how does one live in light of these truths?

An alumnus of EAST, Pastor Emma Igwilo, who has heard the podcast wrote, “Thank you so much for the podcast on ‘How to Suffer Well‘. It’s very apt, encouraging and on point, helping us to build hope amidst trials.”

Another series being planned called “Theology Talks,” seeks to address a deeper understanding of biblical and theological issues that impact the understanding of our faith. How does theology “speak” into our living out the gospel truths? Perhaps at first glance, the topics may look unconnected with our daily lives, but understanding the issues presented in the podcast will reveal how intimately it affects our trust in God and His Word, thus affecting our gospel walk. An upcoming topic unfolds a deeper understanding of the theology of creation as found in the book of Genesis, for instance. Why and how does a proper understanding of creation affects our faith? Do look out for the podcast release!

Please pray for the team who produces the podcast: that these episodes will continue to be relevant and applicable to build up the faith of Christians as Great Commission disciples of Christ.

You are invited to watch/listen to existing episodes of the “Tabao Theology” series of podcast found on EAST official YouTube and Spotify¬†channels. Do share these episodes to bless your networks too. If you have topics to suggest for our podcast, please write us at eastnews [at] east.edu.sg.

*A podcast episode is a digital audio or video file on the internet available for download to a computer or mobile device and typically available as a series (see here).


This article is authored by Jonathan Yao, an EAST resident faculty.


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