EAST Express Tabao Theology Podcast – Easter & the Resurrection



Although it happened long ago, the death and resurrection of Christ remain the most significant events in human history. In this episode of EAST Express podcast with Tabao Theology, EAST faculty Dr Lewis Winkler and Jarred Jung discuss the importance of Easter, the resurrection of Christ, and what it means for believers today.

They will address light-hearted questions like, “Why do people use eggs and bunnies to represent Easter?” to more serious ones like, “How do we know Christ really rose from the dead? Why is it so important that we celebrate Christ’s resurrection? What does Christ’s resurrection mean for the church and how does it bring hope to believers today?”

EAST YouTube video podcast: https://east.ac/podcast-video
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EAST Express podcast with Tabao Theology is where you will get valuable takeawats from each epidose. Join us as we discuss Trivia, Truths and Theology that leads to Life Transformation! Thank you for listening to our podcast and we hope you got to take away something that will transform your thinking, feeling, and way of living.

This podcast features Dr Lewis Winkler and Jarred Jung (both are EAST resident faculty who teach on theology), and Anj Pantaleon (an EAST student pursuing MDiv in Christian Ministry). Video & audio production are by Mikeel Arana and Anj Pantaleon.



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