Holy Saturday Reflection: Why Is There Suffering?

Credit: Bethesda Frankel Estate Church, 2022.


A reflection theme for Holy Saturday–the day “in-between” the eventful days of Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday: If God is indeed real, why is there death and suffering on Earth still? Consider pondering over Mr Max Jeganathan’s message as he spoke at a Good Friday Service on this universal issue of suffering. Whether one is a follower of Christ or otherwise, his message is deeply relevant to us all.

The speaker addressed the issue with a three-point message on a God who loves, a God who knows, and a God who cares. The synopsis of his 34-minute message is as follow (extracted from the sermon outline):

In an increasingly volatile, uncertain and anxiety-ridden world, suffering is everywhere. No matter who we are and what we believe, we all suffer. If God is real, why does He allow it? If He’s a God of love, why doesn’t He stop it? What does Easter have to do with my suffering? And how is the Christian message relevant to me, my life and the suffering that I struggle with?

The sermon on Romans 8:31-39 is part of the Good Friday Service of Bethesda Frankel Estate Church. The speaker is Max Jeganathan, an international speaker and Director of Thinking Faith. Watch the sermon below or click here.



“The Bible regards suffering as normal. Part of this suffering comes from the fact that we live in a fallen world, and this kind of suffering falls on Christians and non-Christians alike.” – Zane Pratt

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