The Holy Week of Lent 2022

Credit: Leah Newton Art 2020, from a Lenten art project by elementary grade students.


The Holy Week of the Lent season is the remembrance of the final week of Jesus Christ’s earthly life covering events prior to and during his death on the cross, burial, and resurrection. The 8-day Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday and ends on the following Resurrection (or Easter) Sunday.

For the Lent season in 2022, the dates for key biblical events during the Holy Week are as follow:

  • Palm Sunday – 10 April 2022
  • Maundy Thursday – 14 April 2022
  • Good Friday – 15 April 2022
  • Holy Saturday – 16 April 2022
  • Resurrection Sunday – 17 April 2022

Credit: QWM 2022


May we be reminded afresh during this Holy Week that we serve a Risen Saviour!

Song: Come Behold The Wondrous Mystery
Artists: Matt Boswell and Matt Papa


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