On DMin Program and Thinking Critically: Samuel Kim

L-R: Eunsu (12), Jinny, Yejun (15), Samuel Kim

EAST Alumnus Samuel Kim SeongMin who graduated with a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies in 2013 has enrolled in EAST-AGST-Alliance’s Doctor in Ministry (DMin) Program in 2018. In the short interview below, he shares his DMin journey – what led him to take up the program and how it has benefitted his life and ministry so far.

Q: Since your graduation from EAST, what made you decide to embark on the DMin program organised by EAST and AGST Alliance?

A: I have had the most meaningful and prayerful moment when I spent time of study at EAST. I was refreshed and strengthened by God, fellow students and faculty there. Upon returning to Korea, I spent busy times adjusting back and leading ministry. Also, I was gradually exhausted. I usually taught the Bible to students in small groups, led the ministry, but my heart longed for restoration. Then I heard about the DMin program and one of the seniors suggested that I joined the program. I thought that if I studied, I would be busier than now, but on the other hand, I also expected that I would be refreshed and grow more. If I grow more, I have the belief that I will be able to better serve my ministry. Not only that, but I also thought it was an opportunity to contribute to Korean Campus Crusade for Christ (KCCC), the organization I belong to. So, I applied for the DMin program.

Q:How has the DMin program benefitted you and your classmates which are currently doing it?

A: The strengths I gained from the DMin program are first, my interest and thoughts about ministry and life are expanding. I have a passion for thinking concretely about areas that need to be supplemented in the organization, applying biblical and theological concepts to ministry and life, and improving the necessary areas realistically and practically. We can now ask why and think critically about things we previously took for granted.

Secondly, I want to talk about life changes. What the professors and mentors emphasised to us in this program is that the more time we have to learn, the more our relationships and lives should grow. Through this process, my relationships with my two teenage sons are growing beautifully.

Finally, the 10 students I am currently studying with are all KCCC Staff members. Although we belong to different departments, we are all KCCC employees. We studied together and became good colleagues. I can look forward to the positive changes each person’s research will bring to our organisation.


Q: Could you update us about your current ministry at KCCC and future plans after you have completed your DMin?

A: I have been doing campus ministry for the past 6 years, and this year, I moved to the campus ministry headquarters and now working as the team leader of the ministry coaching department. I coach college student ministries in 40 cities, support local needs, and evaluate ministries. My interest is in leadership. Leaders play a very important role in the organisation. Because when leaders grow, the community also grows. After completing my DMin studies, I would like to continue working to help leaders grow.


Q: How are your family doing now since returning to Korea?

A: My family is all doing well. And it is now the busiest time. My wife, Jinny, works as a nurse in a public hospital treating Covid-19 patients. She says these days she is doing a lot of work with a huge increase in hospital patients, pray that God will keep her safe and healthy. My eldest son Yejun is living in the middle school dormitory and is graduating this year. He is about to go to high school next year. The second child, Eunsu, is about to graduate from elementary school. Meanwhile, she has been playing soccer and participating in competitions while exercising hard. I hope we will all love God and grow up healthy in the Lord even though it is a busy time.


Prayer Requests:

  • My father passed away from lung cancer last September, and my family is still grieving. My mother especially is most affected, so please pray that God will comfort her and she will depend more on the Lord. Pray for God to restore her heart and that she will gain strength.
  • My wife Jinny, two children Yejun & Eunsu, and I may all be healthy through God’s protection and guidance, and that our faith, love, and hope toward God may grow well.
  • Pray that both Jinny and I can glorify God through my ministry and Jinny’s work, so that many leaders and patients can be a good influence to society.


For prospective DMin candidates who are interested to know more of the program and the next intake in 2022, please visit the EAST Advanced Studies page.

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