Theology of Leadership (Online Evening Course)

Theology of Leadership (LF512/TS576, 3 Credits, Online)
11 January – 10 May 2022, Thursdays, 7.00 pm-9.00 pm

Equips learners with a biblical theology of leadership that can inform both theory and practice and permit more rigorous biblical evaluation of leadership theories and approaches. The course enables ministry practitioners to develop a rich theological foundation for thinking about issues of leadership in the Christian community.

Audit students are expected to read the textbook and watch assigned videos.


Samuel Too, DMin, served with Cru Singapore for more than 29 years. He and his wife, Agnes, served in East Asia for ten years before Samuel returned as Missions Head of Cru Singapore. They joined EAST as resident faculty and staff in May 2020. They are blessed with three children. Samuel desires to impart both life and knowledge to his students.



Derek Atkins, ThM, is a graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (USA), and taught English to undergraduate students in East Asia for many years. He comes to EAST with a desire to prepare Christian workers for ministry throughout Asia and beyond.


We are offering our full value courses free from tuition fees for audit students as part of the GLO@EAST promotion. Registration fee of S$40 is still payable upon sign–up to confirm your place. Credit students will have to pay registration and tuition fees. Registration deadline is Friday, 31 December 2021.

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