Growing & Glowing at EAST

GLO@EAST – Great Learning Online/Onsite with EAST Courses*

EAST is committed to offering as best a learning experience as possible whether online, onsite, or concurrently (both simultaneously). Our desire is integrated learning involving the heart, head, and hands through the power of the Holy Spirit, resulting in a transformative outcome.

*We are offering our full value courses (up to $510/course) free from tuition fees for audit students (i.e. not for credit or grade) as part of the GLO@EAST promotion. Registration fee of S$40 is still payable upon sign–up to confirm your place at the class of your choice. Credit students will have to pay registration and tuition fees.

The following courses are offered as part of the GLO@EAST promotion. All courses listed (except intensive class) are for the semester of 19 July 2021-19 November 2021. Registration deadline is Friday, 9 July 2021.

Onsite” courses meet at EAST campus. “Online” courses will have synchronous sessions held only online. “Concurrent” courses are held onsite and online simultaneously. Singapore residents who are taking the course for credit can only take the course onsite. Audit students must choose either onsite or online for the duration of the course.

Certain classes will require audit students to complete some assignments and/or in-class projects to maximise their learning experience. For details on classes, visit this page.

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