Exposition of Revelation (Evening Course)

Exposition of Revelation (Concurrent)
NT559A, 2 Credits
Tuesdays, 7.00 pm-9.00 pm

An expositional (verse by verse) study of the book of Revelation examined in its theological context of future things.  Care will be given to ascertain the contribution of Revelation to the grand themes of Scripture.

(Concurrent courses are held both onsite and online simultaneously. Credit students who are Singapore residents can only take the course onsite. Audit students can choose either onsite or online.)

Audit students will need to complete each of the asynchronous Learning Tasks that are in preparation for each weekly session. That includes both the posting and response on Populi.


Keith Shubert, PhD, is a staff member of Cru for 45 years, has ministered in more than 30 countries, and served as resident or adjunct faculty for four seminaries in Asia and the USA. He lived in Israel for three years while completing a Master’s degree in Historical Geography of Ancient Israel.


This class may be taken for free from tuition fees by audit students under the GLO@EAST promotion (S$40 registration fee payable). Registration deadline is Friday, 9 July 2021.

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