Preaching Training in Progress

This is the first of 2 semesters of the Expository Preaching course, a training ground for our students to be developed in their preaching. The pictures above show a time of sermon presentation where each student delivers a prepared sermon to the class and receives a round of feedback from the course instructor and fellow classmates.

Learning happens when classmates contribute observations from new vantage points, and also when the class engages in constructive interaction that helps each learner internalize and even debate over learning points that deserve additional discussion. It helps that everyone in the class is committed to be a conducive learning community where feedback is constructively given and received.

After this semester of looking into developing and delivering biblical messages, the next semester of Expository Preaching will look into a range of different types and genres of sermons, and also cover the use of technology to enhance sermon delivery. Sermon presentations will continue, and each student will be exercising skills and competencies developed over the 2 semesters of the course.

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