How to use THE FOUR

Would you like to learn new ways to present the unchanging Gospel so that its message can be passed on from one generation to another?

Introducing THE FOUR – a simple and catchy tool you can use to testify your faith and invite people to follow Jesus.

A training video on how to use THE FOUR:


“The content of THE FOUR is the same as The Four Spiritual Laws, but [makes it] easier for this generation to explain the gospel to their friends,” says Raphael Marti, a staff with the Switzerland ministry that created THE FOUR.

He was recently able to use THE FOUR to explain the gospel when his neighbour invited him, his wife and a few others over for dinner. As they sat in the living room, the conversation naturally turned to what each of them did for their vocations.

Showing his black wristband with the four symbols that he wears on his left wrist, Raphael told them his job title and what he did. When they asked what each of the four symbols meant, he had the opportunity to tell his faith story and explain the gospel.

Raphael started with the first symbol – the heart – and explained that God loves every human being.

Raphael then moved on to the second symbol, a division symbol. He explained how the upper dot on the division symbol represents God; the lower dot represents man; and the line between the two represents the division that exists because of sin.

“I’m separated from God through my sins and failures,” Raphael said. “I ignore God. I don’t trust God. I’m separated from God because I decided to go my own way.”

“But God provided the solution for that,” Raphael continued. “He sees that we go our own way and don’t look for Him. So the third symbol – a cross – stands for Jesus dying for us, for me. He is the solution for this gap that’s between me and God. He died on the cross, but was resurrected 3 days later. He prepared a place in heaven for me.”

Raphael finally explained the fourth and final symbol, a question mark.

“Jesus gave His life for me, but it is my decision if I would like to follow Him,” he said. “If I decide to accept Him, He forgives my sins and I have a relationship with Him.”


The above is an extract from “One Easy Way to Talk About Jesus With Today’s Generation” by Rich Atkinson, Cru.

The training video is produced by Ms Guia Kayla Gonzales, an EAST alumna.

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