Logos for Students

Enrol in EAST as a program student
and be equipped with Logos Bible Software*


EAST has partnered Logos Bible Software to offer up to S$10,892 worth of biblical and theological resources to EAST students as part of their student experience. In “developing Christlike leaders for the Great Commission,” EAST equips movement leaders with the ability to lead and teach from a strong Scriptural base. All new program students who matriculate from July 2018 onwards will receive a customized copy of Logos for their studies*. The library of books and resources on the EAST Logos bundles is customized to meet the needs of Bible students and its usefulness in their ministry.

*The cost of the software is funded by ministry donors and a portion of the school fees. New students who matriculate from July 2018 onwards and graduate from their academic program with a Graduate Diploma or a Degree will be able to keep the software for life. EAST existing program students who matriculate on or before July 2018 and return for continuation of their studies will have separate payment plans for their software.

For more details on EAST Logos bundles for new and existing students, click here.


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