New Book: Faith In An Age Of Terror

Two resident faculty of EAST, Dr Lewis Winkler and Dr Kwa Kiem-Kiok, have contributed essays to a seminal work, Faith In An Age Of Terror (2018). It seeks to address the issue of terrorism and reviewed possible responses by Christians. The nine authors, sought to answer the following questions: “What are the roots of violent human behaviour? Why does religious fundamentalism have violent potentials? What do the Bible and the Quran each say about religious violence? How should inter-religious dialogue be pursued, and what are the appropriate ways for religious believers to commend their faith to those who do not share it?”

The two chapters contributed by the EAST faculty are:

  1. Winkler, Lewis E. “Christian-Muslim Dialogue: Challenges and Opportunities.”
  2. Kwa, Kiem-Kiok. “Maintaining Religious Harmony: Tensions with Terrorism.”

More information on the book may be found by clicking on the book cover above.

The blurb on the book states:

The nine essays in this multi-disciplinary volume focus on these urgent and difficult issues [based on the above questions], drawing on insights from the fields of the social sciences, biblical studies, pastoral theology, inter-religious dialogue and public theology. … The essays raise questions and challenge the ways in which believers have traditionally done things. They should be read, not as providing final answers to the questions raised, but as a spur to further reflection, prayer and action.



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