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Please pray for Eri's pregnancy condition

Photo at Tomoki's athletic festival

Three weeks ago, soon after Tomoki’s kindergarten activity, Eri had bleeding. We paled and rushed to her personal clinic. Thankfully our baby was okay but Eri was diagnosed with placenta previa. Her doctor advised her not to do hard work. So Taka helps her as much as he can, especially in shopping and taking care of Tomoki. We hope her pregnancy condition will change into normal one during these two months. Please pray for her pregnancy condition.

Tomoki is a hopping boy. He likes playing with school friends. But sometimes he has troubles. Last week Tomoki and Ryosuke (the nearest boy of Tomoki in upper photo) warred over a ride-on in playground. Tomoki first pushed Ryosuke aside and won the toy. Ryosuke fell and cried, and soon he jumped at Tomoki for revenge. Eri and other mothers tried to stop him (Ryosuke is bigger than Tomoki), but they couldn’t…. He did it by getting his teeth into Tomoki’s cheek! Imagine how Tomoki was shocked and painful…. At the night, before going to bed, Tomoki prayed for Ryosuke not to do bad things to him. But he didn’t seem to have an idea that he first did a bad thing to Ryosuke by pushing him badly…. Eri and I are praying that these kids will learn more to be nice to each other.

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