Study on Gender & Sexuality in Christian Ministry – Nov/Dec 2023 Intensive Course

Study on Gender & Sexuality in Christian Ministry (Online)
LF568, 3 Credits
22 November – 1 December (from Wednesday through the following Friday, excluding Saturday and Sunday)
9.00 am-5.00 pm

Designed to familiarize and challenge students with the questions and concepts in gender and sexuality studies and to examine them critically and biblically, based on the Bible, Christian, and sociological writings. The course will include historical, cultural factors, and trends in gender roles and behaviour within various social spheres and institutions. The outcome of the course is to prepare students to understand and minister effectively to a postmodern world with regards to gender and sexuality issues.

Total fees to audit each 3-credit class: Registration + Tuition = S$45 + S$210 = S$255.
Registration deadline is Tuesday, 14 November 2023.

Heng Hwee Chuang, DMin, has MACE and DMin degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary (USA). She has more than 30 years of Christian Education experience in creche, children, youth, and adult ministries in the USA, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, and East Asia.  Her passion is for Christians to have a clear biblical worldview and be Christ-like servant-leaders in all areas of life.



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