Seminar on Henri Nouwen: A Spirituality of Integration

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Session 1 – Henri Nouwen and the Three Movements of the Spiritual Life
a. Introduction (Brief Sketch of Henri Nouwen and his integrated spirituality)
b. Overview of the Three Movements: Inward (Self)/Outward (Others)/Upward (God)
Session 2 — The Integration of Spirituality with Psychology, Ministry, and Theology
a. Knowing Self/Knowing God (Psychology/Spirituality)
b. Loving God/Loving Others (Spirituality/Ministry)
c. Knowing God/Experiencing God (Spirituality/Theology)
Session 3 – The Threefold Way of the Heart
a. Solitude of the heart
b. Service of the heart
c. Prayer of the heart
Session 4 – An Integrated Spirituality
a. Integrated Summary
b. Plenary Interaction (Q & A)
c. Conclusion