Throwback Tuesday: New Testament 1 Class, 2012

The photo shows the New Testament 1 class conducted in 2012 and taught by Dr Rob MacEwen, then a resident faculty of EAST. The teacher has since returned to his home country, most of the students have graduated and are in ministry or the marketplace; some are married and have kids, others have taken or are taking advance degrees to be teachers, another has gone home to be with the Lord. All have journeyed through EAST together and have learned, grown, and served together as friends and fellow ministers. Such is the journey of life… and of learning in community! 

Watch the “Journey Through EAST” video to know more of the learning journey as seen through the eyes of one who studied at EAST.

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EAST 25 Years of Highlights

Praise God together with EAST as we look back over the past 25 years to see His leading and provision in its formative years. EAST was formed to equip men and women of faith in theological and ministry development. The mission is to see students being “developed as Christlike leaders for the Great Commission in East Asia and around the world.”


In 2017, the year of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, as we celebrate the 25th Anniversary of EAST, we want to echo the Soli Deo Gloria of faith as we ascribe all glory to God alone. Hallelujah!

Video produced by Carl Rognstad.


Developing Your Head, Heart, and Hands

Would you like to be developed holistically as a spiritual leader?

We seek to help develop and equip Christian workers, leaders, and ministers for the fulfilment of the Great Commission where they are. EAST seeks to develop servant leaders who are:

  • Committed to growing in Christ-likeness
  • Passionate spiritual multipliers
  • Learning and living out God’s Word
  • Communicating God’s truth effectively


EAST seeks to accomplish this mission through holistic learning, where students not only learn intellectually (“head”), their attitudes and character are also shaped (“heart”), leading to actions (“hands”). Each of the three dimensions is emphasized in the classroom and assignments as well as field ministry and internships, school retreats, ministry weekends, community life, and Mentoring Groups.

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New Book – Matthew: A Pastoral and Contextual Commentary

EAST warmly congratulates Dr Kwa Kiem Kiok, our Resident Faculty, on the recent publication of Matthew: A Pastoral and Contextual Commentary (Asia Bible Commentary Series) which she co-authors with Dr Samson Liao Uytanlet, a faculty member of the Biblical Seminary of the Philippines .

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Lessons of the Head, Heart, and Hands

Michael Tien Teaching Bible Study Methods in Mongolia


“Lessons of the Head, Heart, and Hands”

Dr Michael Tien | 16 October 2017

When his senior pastor encouraged him to enrol for a Master of Divinity program in 2013, Dr Michael Tien, 53, thought that it would just be a time to gain HEAD knowledge in class. But God’s agenda for him, the former church elder discovered, also includes developing his HEART for God and people, and training his HANDS for ministry.”Some of the most important lessons I learned were through the mentoring groups times with faculty and classmates, and the 20-day ministry internship in Mongolia,” says the father of three.

Surprisingly, when asked which class has impressed him the most, the CEO of a family-owned SME business and Entrepreneur of the Year 2008 (a Rotary-ASME Award) shares that it is “Christian Leadership Foundations.” “Through it, God showed me how to realign my priorities for Him and people,” he says, “and create margin–pause time between activities–everyday, so that i may be 100% there wherever I am placed, and bear fruit.”

Michael’s passion is to reach out to and equip entrepreneurs for Christ, especially in East Asia.

Michael (centre) and team on horseback in the nomadic tradition of the Mongols

Watch a video of Michael and his team experiencing sandstorm and other adventures whilst in Mongolia for ministry internship.

For more details about holistic equipping programs geared for Christian workers and leaders, please email or call 6291-9744 ext 181. Read more about the “head, heart, hands” approach to equipping at EAST here.


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