Ministry Perspectives


One of EAST’s core values is an emphasis on the Great Commission. EAST seeks to provide the student with a variety of ministry opportunities in the classroom and in real life experience. Integration of knowledge, skills, and character is an important aspect of ministry involvement at EAST.

The emphasis on a student’s ministry includes classroom input on contextualisation and relevance in evangelism, discipleship, and building spiritual movements as well as practical ministry experience and the development of values and lifestyle of seeking to build spiritual movements. Student ministry at EAST is designed to equip each student to become a Reproducer (one who witnesses and disciples others to do likewise), Multiplier (one who disciples others and trains more to do likewise), and Influencer (one who uses his or her God-given gifts and talents to influence others to build spiritual movements).

All students during their time at EAST are expected to be involved actively in ministry, practicing what they have learned about evangelism and discipleship in their churches, with a parachurch ministry, or in their community.



During a student’s first semester, he/she is encouraged to adjust to studies and apply what he/she is learning from classes related to contextualisation, worldview, evangelism, discipleship, and building spiritual movements. During this time international students should be part of an English-speaking local congregation or small group and continue to adjust to life in Singapore.

All first year students in their second semester of study are encouraged to continue to develop personal ministries of evangelism and discipleship. These can be at a student’s church, community, or in conjunction with a local ministry. During the second semester, international students continue their regular participation with the English-speaking local church or small group.



During the first semester each Mentoring Group (MG) goes as a group or with another MG for an extended week-end of ministry. Working as a team the MG (or combined MGs) partner with a local church or ministry. Generally this is outside of Singapore. The team resides together at the ministry site which allows immersion in a team ministry experience.

The senior students in the MG provide leadership. All group members and faculty mentor participate in ministry together. This provides faith-stretching opportunities to serve local ministries and serve in contextually appropriate ways. In addition, this weekend of ministry provides opportunities for the MG to develop deeper relationships as together they trust God in new situations.

All students enrolled in Mentoring Groups are required to participate in the ministry weekend as it is an integral part of the learning experience. Part-time students who have enrolled for MG need to plan ahead and coordinate with their employer/ministry supervisor in order to participate in the ministry weekend.



Program students participate in one cross-cultural team internship. This is generally completed after the first and before the second year of studies.

The semester prior to the actual cross-cultural team internship the students enrol as a team in a preparatory course. Under the supervision of the internship coordinator, the student team works together through the semester to plan, pray, apply principles of team dynamics and conflict resolution, discuss and apply principles of contextualisation and cross-cultural understanding, work together to develop a prayer and financial support team, and prepare for their ministry context.

The team spends about two weeks/three weekends during a long school break in a cross-cultural ministry setting. Working as a team they assist local ministries, focusing primarily on (but not limited to) evangelism and discipleship. Ideally, the team lives at the ministry site and the group is immersed in a team ministry experience. At the conclusion of the internship the team members participate in a debrief retreat with the internship coordinator.

This internship aims to help students gain a heart and vision for missions, provide exposure and experience in ministering cross-culturally, apply principles of support team development, and live out the Spirit-filled life in the context of multi-cultural team dynamics.



During a student’s second year, he/she will participate in Field Practicum which includes FIRM (Formation, Integration, Reflection, and Ministry). Students may expect to make some adjustments to their present church or ministry obligations and responsibilities in order to fulfil Field Practicum requirements.

The Field Education Director will identify specific ministries which would allow students to develop further their skills and confidence in building spiritual movements. Based on the student’s experience, interests, skills, and background, the Field Education Director will identify a ministry situation where a student could be involved in building a spiritual movement in conjunction with a church, parachurch, or mission agency.

A Field Supervisor from the church, parachurch or mission agency will give on-site supervision, training, and feedback to the student. While the student would be under the direct supervision of a Field Supervisor, the overall direction and leadership will be provided by the Field Education Director at EAST.

Students are expected to spend six to eight hours per week at their Field Practicum assignment. In addition to field experience, the students will also participate in FIRM. The FIRM sessions meet about five times per semester. FIRM seeks to allow students time to reflect on their personal growth and walk with God.



All third year MDiv students participate in a 240-hour Emphasis Practicum related to the emphasis of their MDiv programs. This two-credit Practicum begins the summer before a student’s final year and continues through the first semester of the final year. Some students may wish to extend it into the final semester. This works out to about 16 hours a week for one semester or eight hours a week if the student wishes to do it for two semesters.

The MDiv student is supervised by a professional Christian worker with proven experience in the vocational emphasis the student is pursuing. While the student would be under the direct supervision of a Field Supervisor, the overall direction and leadership will be provided by the Field Education Director at EAST.

An Emphasis Practicum includes a significant practical ministry component. For example, a MDiv student with an emphasis in Teaching and Exposition may develop a Bible study series under the supervision of a Bible scholar or teacher and teach it to a group at church for his/her Emphasis Practicum.

Throughout the final year, the MDiv student will also participate in FIRM both first and second semesters. FIRM sessions meet about five times per semester. FIRM seeks to allow students time to reflect on their personal growth and walk with God.