Message from the President

Rev Chan Chiong HiokWelcome!

On behalf of East Asia School of Theology, I would like to thank you for taking the time to discover more about EAST. As you study this Prospectus we hope that you find a place where you can envision learning and growing in your relationship with God, knowledge of His Word, and being equipped in ministry and leadership skills— all in the context of a community of like-minded believers.

EAST is a multicultural community of people who are committed to follow Christ and make Him known. EAST is located in Singapore but has a global focus. Singapore is a strategic location for building leaders of spiritual movements because of its location, multicultural context, and educational facilities. Over 90% of EAST graduates serve in full-time ministry and key leadership positions across Asia and other parts of the world.

EAST was established to equip field-proven shepherd-leaders with a strong biblical foundation for the mission field. EAST is committed to not only biblically sound theological teaching and excellence, but seeks at every level to incorporate in all our programs the greatest impact for spiritual formation and leadership development.

Our mentoring program requires faculty to go beyond the classroom to be involved in students’ lives and journeys with the Lord. Recognizing lessons are better caught than taught, faculty actively engage in personal ministry. Seeking to please God and bless men, we want our graduates to truly follow the Lord, serve humbly from a heart of love for the Lord, and passionate with a vision for the Great Commission.

Since the last Prospectus we have made some changes. We changed from a quarter to semester system as we believe this will allow greater depth for reflection and assimilation of life lessons drawn from classroom.  We revised the curriculum based on input and evaluation from denominational leaders, pastors, mission leaders, and Christian workers in Singapore and elsewhere in Asia. We are committed to prepare creative biblical thinkers and practitioners to meet today’s challenges on the mission field. This curriculum brings a greater integration of academics, spiritual and character formation, and the intentional development of leadership skills.

I invite you to consider joining us at East Asia School of Theology.


Rev. Chan Chong Hiok