Financial Information


Tuition and fees paid by students cover only a portion of the actual costs of education at EAST. Gifts from churches and individuals as well as grants from Christian organizations cover the balance of the operating costs. Every effort is made to keep student expenses as low as possible.

All expenses itemized indicate tuition and fee rates which began July 2013. All fees are stated in Singapore dollars:[1]


APPLICATION FEES (One-Time, Non-Refundable)

  • Diploma/Degree Applicant                                                                          S$60.00
  • EFS Applicant                                                                                             S$30.00
  • English Proficiency Test (EPT) fee                                                             S$50.00
  • PIM Certificate Applicant                                                                            S$30.00
  • Readmission Fee[2]                                                                                     S$60.00


  • Credit                                                                                                         S$130.00
  • Audit                                                                                                           S$ 70.00
  • BACM Foundational Course                                                                      S$ 65.00
  • Refresher[3]                                                                                                No charge
  • Alumni Audit[4]                                                                                           No charge


  • Credit                                                                                                         S$165.00
  • Audit                                                                                                           S$ 70.00


  • Total tuition fees per semester                                                              S$1,750.00


  • Program Student                                                                                        S$40.00
  • Visiting Student                                                                                          S$70.00


  • Registration Fee                                                                                       S$ 35.00
  • Student Activity Fee            [5]                                                                   S$ 60.00
  • Birkman Assessment Fee                                                                        S$180.00


  • English Coaching Fee (per semester)                                                      S$300.00
  • Add/Drop/Change/Withdraw Fee (post-registration)                                 S$ 15.00
  • Late Registration Surcharge                                                                     S$ 25.00
  • Late Payment Surcharge                                                                          S$ 25.00
  • Course Validation Fee (per course/exam)                                                S$ 60.00
  • Course Extension Fee (per course extending beyond semester)            S$ 15.00
  • Reclassification Fee (program change prior to graduation)                      S$30.00

Graduation Fees

  •    BA, MA, MDiv                                                                                       S$280.00
  •    Grad Diploma                                                                                       S$240.00
  •    PIM Certificate                                                                                     S$120.00

Transcript[6](applies to IBS transcripts as well)

  •           1st Copy                                                                                           FREE
  •           Subsequent Copies                                                                       S$25.00


  •           1st Copy                                                                                            FREE
  •           Duplicate Copies                                                                            S$25.00

EAST Identification Card

  •           1st Card                                                                                             FREE
  •           Replacement Card                                                                          S$10.00

Library Fees

  •           Membership (Alumni, Cru)                                                                 FREE
  •           Membership (AGST faculty/students) (refundable deposit)             S$50.00
  •           Membership (Full time church/ministry workers)                              S$90.00

                      (S$40.00 + S$50.o0 refundable deposit)

  •           Overdue Circulation Books & Materials (per day)                             S$0.20
  •           Overdue Reserve Books (per hour)                                                   S$1.00
  •           Lost/Damaged Books, Journals, Materials                          Replacement + Shipping


During the second week of each semester, a student will receive an invoice stating the number of credits which he/she has registered to take, the payment amount, and the due date. Payment can be made either in cash or by cheque to the Accounts Executive. Cheques should be made payable to “East Asia School of Theology.”A late payment surcharge of S$25.00 will be added if payment is made after the deadline. If a student is unable to pay on time, he/she should consult the Dean of Administration before the deadline or a late surcharge will be imposed. Staff members of Cru or Campus Crusade for Christ International who wish to pay by deduction from their support account and those students who are on scholarship funding need not submit the invoice to the Accounts Executive unless there are any errors.Failure to clear all bills, including library fines, by two weeks prior to exam week will hinder student from taking final exams. If bills, including library fines, remain unpaid by the end of final exam week, this will hinder the student from receiving semester or final grades, taking future classes, obtaining transcripts, participating in graduation, or receiving a diploma.  

A student may drop a course and receive a tuition refund if less than 20% of the course has been completed. The student must submit the completed Course Change Form, including all necessary signatures prior to the deadline in order to receive a refund. For further information on dropping a course and refunds, consult the “Academic Information” section of this Prospectus. 

[1] All fees include the Singapore Good and Services Tax (GST). The current GST rate is 7%.[2] Readmission Fee will be assessed when a student applies to reenter a program at EAST after an absence of 24 months or longer OR when a graduating student or alumnus applies to enter a second academic program. The appropriate form must be submitted along with the fee. (For more information see Admissions section as well as Academic Information section of this Prospecctus).[3] A Refresher Course is taken when a student has taken the same or similar course at EAST or another school and wishes to upgrade skills in order to take another course which requires a prerequisite level of proficiency.[4] The Alumni Audit, allows EAST alumni to audit any course at EAST at no cost. However, a registration fee will be assessed. If the alumnus wishes to take the course for credit, then the usual fee of $110 per credit hour will be assessed.[5] Student Activity Fee is assessed on a semester basis for all program students.[6] If a transcript is sent overseas by registered mail, an additional fee of S$10 will be charged.

Course Fees and Charges