Admissions Information


EAST considers each applicant’s qualifications in five areas:

  1.    Maturity

Applicants must demonstrate personal, social, and spiritual maturity. It is preferred for applicants to be 25 years or older.

  1.    Ministry experience

BACM applicants:  Applicants must have a minimum of two years full-time field or pastoral ministry experience or a minimum of five years of active lay ministry experience. In both cases applicants must demonstrate active participation in personal evangelism, discipleship, and church involvement.

Graduate Diploma, MA, MDiv applicants: Applicants must demonstrate active participation in personal evangelism, discipleship, and church involvement.

  1.    Leadership ability

Past or present leadership ability is assessed as well as leadership potential.

  1.    Academic ability

Applicant must demonstrate academic ability to do a program of study.

  1.    Academic entry requirements

BACM applicants: An A-level certificate or diploma from a recognized post-secondary institution is required for admission to a 92-credit hour BACM. For select extension locations a high school leaving certificate is required for admission to a 110-credit hour BACM.

 Graduate Diploma, MA, MDiv applicants: A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited or recognized university or college is required for admission to a Graduate Diploma or a Master’s degree program (MA or MDiv).


Student Application Form: Consult the EAST website ( and click on “Admissions” to obtain an admissions application.

Applicant’s Photograph:  Submit two recent passport-sized photographs. Paste one of the photographs on the top right-hand corner of the application form. Alternatively, send an electronic copy of the photographs together with the completed application form if submission is done online or via email. The photograph must clearly show the face of the applicant.

Personal Document of Identification: A copy of the passport (for non-Singaporeans) or NRIC (for Singaporeans) must be submitted.

Application Fee: The application fee for the Graduate Diploma and all degree programs is S$60. The application fee for English for Seminarians (EFS) or Partners in Ministry Certificate Program (PIM) is S$30. The application fee is non-refundable. Cheques, money orders, or drafts should be made payable to “East Asia School of Theology.”



Application Deadlines: The deadline for submission of admission documents is 1 March for international students and 1 April for Singapore residents. These deadlines are especially important for international applicants who must complete the admissions process and obtain a Student Pass issued by the Singapore government prior to arrival in Singapore.

Application Submission: All applicants are required to send a completed application form to:

Admissions Office
East Asia School of Theology
1 Dorset Road
Singapore 219486

Telephone:     (65) 6291 9744
Fax:                 (65) 6299 5040

Admissions Process: The website provides updated instructions related to the admissions process.


 As part of the application process, applicants indicate they have the financial means needed for tuition and fees. Financial aid applications will only be considered for those who have some sponsorship or some self-funding toward their living expenses while studying at EAST.


 After a leave of absence of 24 months or a withdrawal from studies, a former student who wishes to resume studies at EAST should contact the Admissions Office, complete an application form, and pay the readmission application fee. For further details see “Extended Absence” in Academic Information section of this Prospectus.


If a graduate wishes to return to EAST for further studies, he/she must complete the Application Form, submit it to the Admissions Officer, and pay the application fee. The graduate will be informed by the Admissions Officer if he or she is accepted into another degree program.

A graduating student in his/her last semester who wishes to begin another EAST degree program the following semester, should submit a Program Change Form to the Registrar along with the readmission application fee. The graduating student will be informed by the Registrar if he or she is accepted into another degree program.

If a graduating students or alumnus wishes to retain the EAST Grad Cert, Grad Dip, or MA diploma and complete another degree, he/she should refer to the “Double Degrees” policy in the Academic Information section of this Prospectus.


Applicants are notified of their status in a letter of acceptance.

  • Program Student – Students who have completed the admission process and been accepted into a BA, Grad Dip, MA, or MDiv program.
  • Program Student accepted with conditions Students who have been provisionally accepted into a BA, Grad Dip, MA, or MDiv program but need to complete certain requirements.
  • PIM Certificate Student –Women who have been accepted into the PIM Certificate program.
  • EFS Student–Students who meet EFS entrance requirements are accepted into an EFS program. If they wish to enter a BA, Graduate Diploma, MA, or MDiv program, they must complete the application process while finishing the EFS requirements in order to be considered for admission the following semester.



Financial Aid and Prospective Students. The cost of education at EAST is underwritten through the generous gifts of churches, individuals, and foundations. Thus, all students receive some degree of financial aid.

The New Student Bridging Aid provides financial aid to qualified entering students who demonstrate Christian character, have proven ministry experience, strong academic potential, and would not be able to attend without financial aid. Most students who receive the New Student Bridging Aid come from countries with limited financial resources.

No comprehensive scholarships are granted. Students receiving the New Student Bridging Aid for tuition, living expenses, or both will need additional funds for transportation, housing, children’s education, immigration, health insurance, and other expenses.

Deadline for Prospective Students Applying for Financial Aid. The deadline for international prospective students who wish to be considered for financial assistance is 1 March. The deadline for residents of Singapore is 1 April. In order to be considered for financial aid a student must have all admissions documents submitted by these dates, including transcripts, references, and financial documents.

Financial aid applications will not be evaluated until admissions eligibility has been determined. Thus prospective students who wish to apply for financial aid should plan their admissions process accordingly. Financial aid applications submitted after the deadline may not be considered if funding has been awarded to others. Financial aid awarded to incoming international students will start at the beginning of EAST Aleph.