Throwback Tuesday: New Testament 1 Class, 2012

The photo shows the New Testament 1 class conducted in 2012 and taught by Dr Rob MacEwen, then a resident faculty of EAST. The teacher has since returned to his home country, most of the students have graduated and are in ministry or the marketplace; some are married and have kids, others have taken or are taking advance degrees to be teachers, another has gone home to be with the Lord. All have journeyed through EAST together and have learned, grown, and served together as friends and fellow ministers. Such is the journey of life… and of learning in community! 

Watch the “Journey Through EAST” video to know more of the learning journey as seen through the eyes of one who studied at EAST.

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Pass The Blessings On

Want to invite mature believers in the “second half” of their life journey to consider being equipped in the Word and in ministry skills?

Give them this card. Available at the EAST administrative office or email us at to request for copies to be mailed to you. Pass it on.

Do you lead teams with members from diverse cultures?

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This course explores various aspects of Christian leadership within the context of multi-cultural teams especially in a Church/Christian organization setting. Students will begin to evaluate their own cultural biases and grow to adopt a posture of leadership that will enhance the strengths of their multi-cultural teams. This helps fulfill their God-ordained call and in expanding the Kingdom of God. Dr. Kwa Kiem Kiok and Mr. Mark Suredhran will co-teach this class.

IS565 or LF519  Leading Multi-Cultural Teams (2 credits)

  • Thursdays: 7.00 pm – 9.15 pm
  • Class starts: 9 Jan 2014
  • Registration deadline: Friday, 13 Dec 2013

What is God’s worldwide mission purpose?

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What is He doing around the world? What does he want to do through His people today? This course looks at these questions and is an introduction to the biblical, historical, cultural and strategic perspectives of world missions. Students learn how to be meaningfully involved in missions as taught by Dr. Rick Langston, who has ministered in Asia for over 30 years.

IS510  World Missions (2 credits)

  • Wednesdays: 9.00 am – 11.15 am
  • Class starts: 8 Jan 2014
  • Registration deadline: Friday, 13 Dec 2013

How to promote healthy marriages, families and singles?

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Married couples, single adults, and families face unique challenges in our post-modern, urban society. This course includes both a biblical foundation about these topics and a study of relevant research related to promoting healthy marriages and families. This course, as taught by Dr. Eliza Lian-Ding, gives the student opportunities to apply principles learned in his/her relationships as well as teach them to others.

LF560  Christian Marriage & Family in Asia (3 credits)

  • Thursdays: 9.00 am – 12.30 pm
  • Class starts: 9 Jan 2014
  • Registration deadline: Friday, 13 Dec 2013

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