Free 8 Online Courses

EAST Free 8 Online Courses for Visiting Students (Jul-Nov 2020)

JOIN our classes for FREE* as we launched a slate of online courses for your learning and growth in biblical understanding and ministry effectiveness.

*FREE registration and tuition fees for visiting students taking any of the 8 EAST online classes listed below for audit (i.e. not for credit or grade) valid from July to November 2020. Do note certain classes may require audit students to complete certain assignments to maximise their learning experience. Use the voucher code FREE8ONLINE at registration to enjoy the promotion. Credit students will have to pay registration and tuition fees.

Please register by 13 July 2020. Registration is subject to class size limits. Course availability and information are subject to change.

The above promotion may be applied to any of the following 8 online courses taken for audit. Click on any class titles below for details.



If you have further queries, please contact us. Thank you.