November 2018 Intensive Courses



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All Intensive Courses listed are scheduled for Wednesday, 21 November to Friday, 30 November 2018. Click on each course title for more details. Registration deadline for Intensive Courses is Wednesday, 14 November 2018. You may register online or contact us for registration form.

Maximum Class Size

Depending on the faculty and size of facility, each course may have a class size limit. You will be informed by the Registrar Office if the course that you seek to register has reached the maximum class size.

Please note the following dates in EAST’s academic calendar:

  • Make-up Week: 3-6 September, 2018
  • Reading Week: 10-14 September, 2018
  • Make-up Week: 5-9 November, 2018
  • Exam Week: 13-16 November, 2018  

LF550 The Art and Science of Mentoring and Spiritual Direction (3 credits)
21-30 November 2018
 (from Wednesday to the following Friday), 9.00 am-5.00 pm

Mentoring and spiritual direction in the Christian tradition are spiritually formative and transformative ministries. There is a certain skillset which can be taught in mentoring and in spiritual direction. Yet there is also the ‘art’ side of discernment, listening to one another, and to God, and prayer. This practical course is suitable to equip Church members, leaders, pastors, seminarians and anyone who is interested in the foundations of mentoring and spiritual direction.

Alex Tang, PhD

Alex Tang, PhD & MD, is an associate professor of Paediatrics in Monash University and consultant paediatrician at KPJ Johor Specialist Hospital.  His PhD is in Spiritual Formation, Discipleships, and Education.  He is a popular speaker, especially on ethical issues and spiritual formation.


LF569 Mental Health In Christian Ministry (3 credits)
21-30 November 2018
 (from Wednesday to the following Friday), 9.00 am-5.00 pm

This course will focus on diagnosis and treatment of the major psychopathologies. Focus will be given to using the DSM-V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder) and the impact of culture to the understanding of mental illness.

Wilson Phang, PhD

Wilson is the founder of Ministry Personnel Care. He is using his background in crisis response, psychiatry, psychology, Biblical counseling and missiology to provide care, counsel and training to Christian workers globally. He and his wife have three grown children.


LF516 Organisational Leadership (3 credits)
21-30 November 2018
 (from Wednesday to the following Friday), 9.00 am-5.00 pm

This course enables students to integrate biblical principles related to organizational best practices, learn how to build an effective and cohesive team, identify personal leadership styles and apply the effects leadership styles can have on given organizational communities particularly during the process of leading change. The Birkman Method® assessment is integrated throughout the course to help students objectively assess their strengths, motivations, expectations and leadership styles.

Special requirement: All who attend the class (including those taking it for audit) are required to complete the Birkman Method® assessment, if they have not done so before. The cost is S$135 per person (not covered by any EAST promotions). Students on financial aid will receive a 50% subsidy on the cost. After class registrations, EAST will contact the students on completing the Birkman assessment.

Sylvia Koltzenburg, MEd

Sylvia Koltzenburg is a seasoned corporate development executive with over 30 years leadership experience coaching executives of Fortune 500 companies across North America, Europe and Asia as well as major church and para-church organizations. She has been a change agent in the lives of thousands of people, helping them make strategic personal and organizational decisions. Sylvia holds a Master of Education (Counseling and Psychotherapy) from Hardin-Simmons University (USA) and a Certificate of Special Studies (Business Administration and Management) from Harvard University Graduate Programs (USA).


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