Academic Programs


East Asia School of Theology seeks to provide an integrated educational approach in preparing its students for ministry leadership. Intentional thought has been given to each aspect of the curriculum. It has been designed to provide an environment in which the Holy Spirit can develop men and women as spiritual leaders who are committed to growing in Christ-likeness, passionate spiritual multipliers, learning and living out God’s Word, and are able to communicate God’s truth effectively.

EAST offers twelve academic programs. Details about unique features and purpose of each program, target group, courses, and graduation requirements are explained in the pages which follow.


Certificate Level Programs
English for Seminarians (EFS)
Partners in Ministry (PIM)

Bachelor’s Level Program
Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry (BACM)

Master’s Level Programs
Graduate Diploma (GradDip)
MA in Biblical Studies (MABS)
MA in Christian Ministry (MACM)
MA in Intercultural Studies (MAICS)
MA in Leadership (MALD)
MA in Theological Studies (MATS)
MDiv in Christian Ministry (MDivCM)
MDiv in Intercultural Studies (MDivICS)
MDiv in Teaching and Exposition (MDivTE)
MDiv in Theological Studies (MDivTS)