Church History 2 (May 2017 Intensive Course)

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TS501 Church History 2 (3 Credits)

17-26 May 2017 (starts on Wednesday, ends on the following Friday), 9.00 am-5.00 pm

Do you know your spiritual legacy? Knowing the spiritual legacy left by those who follow Christ can remind Christians of God’s faithfulness, provide role models, and give perspective during difficult times. This class will introduce you to key individuals and movements in Post-Reformation church history, the development of Western worldviews, and the spread of Christianity across Asia.

Raymundo Go, PhD, is the Theology department chair at the International Graduate School of Leadership (Philippines) where he also teaches courses on Asian culture and ethics as well as theology. His doctoral research focused on Asian church history. He has served with Philippine Campus Crusade for Christ since 1988 and is the Senior Pastor at the Philippine National Police Academy.


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